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These Old Blue Arms Vol. 2 - Amund Dietzel

These Old Blue Arms Vol. 2 - Amund Dietzel

These Old Blue Arms Vol. 2 - Amund Dietzel
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These Old Blue Arms Vol. 2 - Amund Dietzel

From subordinate sailor, to carnival curiosity, to one of the consummate masters of American tattooing: with 60 years in the trade, Amund Dietzel was at the forefront of modern electric tattooing. A boy on a hero's journey, living a life most would only find in adventure novels, Amund Dietzel went from shipwrecked sailor to carnival attraction to tattooer of great reputation, and carved out a life which inspired many. All of this under the auspices of the arts, which can be as unforgiving as the sea. This series profiles the perseverance and accomplishments of a craftsman, a gentleman, and one of tattooing's most celebrated figures. Volume 2 of These Old Blue Arms profiles some of the personal relationships Amund had throughout his 60 year career, with in-depth views of his tattoo machine and trunk building, and loads more never-before-seen flash and photographs. Hardcover, 216 pages

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