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Panenka Thermal Imaging Machine - 1350 Watt

Thermal Imaging Machine - 1350 watt

Thermal Imaging Machine - 1350 watt
Price: $999.00

Item Number: IMG-13

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Panenka Thermal Imaging Machine - 1350 Watt

  • German engineered and manufactured
  • This unit carries the European CE certification
  • One year warranty covering parts and labor
  • Includes one carrier

  • 1350 watt output
  • Dual fan cooling
  • Manual feed switch
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Maximum carrier width 9.25"
  • Height - 4"
  • Width - 17"
  • Depth - 7"
  • Weight - 18 lbs

SPECIAL NOTE: German Thermal Imagers will only transfer from carbon toner copies (copiers and laser printers) NO INKJET PRINTERS, this unit must also use the German engineered

Thermal Image Carrier (click here)

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User Feedback

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Gotta have it!!!
Randy Phelps (Augusta, GA) 4/7/2010 12:47 PM
I've been using this imager for over a year now, no problems, no glitches. Makes very good, accurate stencils even with very very fine lines on the original image. Works as good or better than any Thermofax machine I have ever used, and only requires about thirty seconds between runs instead of the two minutes a Thermofax requires to cool down. Highly recommended product, especially during Tax Season. We spent hours doing stencils by hand after our last Thermofax died and no one had the required parts to fix it. Hours that we didn't get paid for, and we even lost a few sales because of extended wait times before we could get a client into the chair. This thing is less expensive than a used Thermofax in even decent condition, and unlike the Thermofax, parts are readily available if and when they're needed. One of the best $1000 shop equipment purchases I have ever made!

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