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The Mingins Photo Collection

The Mingins Photo Collection

The Mingins Photo Collection
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The Mingins Photo Collection

The enigmatic Rich Mingins: Tattoo artist George Bone is one of the few surviving people with tattoos by Mingins, who was an enigmatic man about whom very little is known. "There's not much to tell about Rich Mingins," recalled Bone, whose body is adorned with examples of Mingins' work. "A very quiet man, smoking all the time. He used to tattoo while seated on a little bench in the back room of his house at 59 Redfern Road, Harleston, in London, while his wife busied herself in the kitchen. There was no flash on the wall, just a book on the table and on the side of his bench he had a roll of paper towel, actually a toilet roll. It was a small room. You had to wait outside. You could not go in until someone came out." Bone explained, "When he was doing his tattoos, he actually never spoke. His work spoke for itself." Hardcover, 220 pages, 13 x 8.5 inches

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