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TATSoul Enso 11 Round Shader (50/Box)

SKU: ENS-11R-S-50B
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$43.49 Box of 50
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Achieve uncompromising results with the strength, durability, and sharpness of high grade 316L Japanese Steel that is forged in limited quantities.
ENSO needle pins have been sharpened to an ultra refined point and crafted into consistent needle groupings, allowing for the cleanest needle penetration and lasting sharpness throughout even the longest tattoo sessions.


  • The premium needle by TATSoul
  • Crafted with 316L Japanese Stainless Steel for superior strength and sharpness
  • Long tapered, semi-textured needles in a looser grouping that allows for moderate saturation
  • Great for shading and blending
  • Developed with artists and thoroughly tested to ensure quality and consistency
  • Lead free solder
Brand: TATSoul
Size: 11