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Dietsch Custom One-Off Shader 20

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Designed by Dietsch; machinist, tattooer, and shop owner of Dietschvision in Hixson, TN. Is a color packer shader that pushes up to 15 mags.


  • Hand-built, tuned and custom finished
  • Color packer
  • Pushes up to 15 mags
  • 6.5 volt
  • Medium Stroke
  • 8 wrap coils
  • 1 3/4" A-bar
  • Custom black oxide binding poster
  • Hand-cut springs
  • Wing nut vise screw
  • Weighs 7.60oz
  • 102 Hertz
  • Springs and tune-ups are guaranteed for life*

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.

Brand: Dietsch