Starbrite 1oz Complete Set 39 Colors

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Starbrite 1oz Complete Set 39 Colors
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Starbrite Ink Set - 39 Colors - The original Starbrite Ink brand, since 1993. Set includes the following colors: Brite White, Tribal Black, Battleship Gray, Canary Yellow, Golden Yellow, Brite Orange, Teal, Grape Ape, Skin Tone, Jade, Beer Gold, Mango, Raspberry, Light Red, Crimson Red, Scarlet Red, Bubblegum Pink, Deep Magenta, Deep Maroon, Deep Purple, Deep Violet, Lavender, Royal Blue, Deep Blue, Country Blue, True Green, Midnight Blue, Alley Cat Black, Steel Blue, Powder Blue, Rain Forest Green, Deep Burgundy, Deep Green, Deep Turquoise, Venetiian Brown, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown, Yellow Ochre, and Buckskin Tan. 10z. set includes extra 2oz. Brite White, 2oz. set includes extra 4oz. Brite White, and the 4oz. set includes (2) 4oz. Brite Whites.
Brand: Starbrite
Size: 1 oz
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Starbrite 1oz Complete Set 39 Colors
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Starbrite 2oz Complete Set 39 Colors
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Starbrite 4oz Complete Set 39 Colors
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