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Start Looking Up

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Start Looking Up


Start Looking Up - This Hardback, Full-Color Children'S Book Spreads The Message Of How Having A Positive Attitude Can Turn Your Day Around And Change The Way That You See Things (And Life In General). It'S A Children'S Book About Pma (Positive Mental Attitude) And We Are Pretty Excited For You To See It, Read It, And Share It With Your Family And Friends. It Is Full Of Rhymes And Is Targeted Towards Kids, But The Message Is Intended For Everyone So We Hope That Anyone Who Reads The Book Enjoys It As Much As We Enjoyed Putting It Together! If You Have A Kiddo Of Your Own, Know An Awesome Child That You Would Like To Give Something Rad Toor Just Want To Support This Project, "Start Looking Up!" Won'T Let You Down. Written By Jinxi Caddel, Illustrated By Tony Ciavarrosize: 8.75" X 11.25" - Hardback
Brand: Jinxi Cadell