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Kingpin Tattoo Needles

Kingpin has been setting the standard in pre-made needles since 1996. We offer high-quality liners and shaders as well as our new V2 Slot Lock Needle Cartridge
"In order to do good work you need the best tools. I've been using Kingpin for a few years now. I've never been disappointed. Their liner needles are dreamy. I'm a big fan of big, solid lines." - Danni G (@dannii_ltp13)
Kingpin Pre-Made Needles are built by hand using textured 316L surgical stainless steel pins that offer lasting skin penetration with superior ink retention. Every grouping is constructed using a lab-certified lead-free silver bearing solder for maximum safety.

Each lot of Kingpin Pre-Made Needles undergoes a highly detailed quality control inspection, in-house, before being distributed to a team of tattooers for field testing.

These processes are what have made Kingpin Pre-Made Needles the gold standard in tattooing for more than 20 years.

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