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John Clark - "Forward Coil" Shader

John Clark - Forward Coil - Shader

Item Number: JCF-CS0

John Clark - "Forward Coil" Shader

John Clark Forward Coil - Shader - This machine has many of John Clarks inventions on it such as a forward facing coil that gets the most out of its power by pulling on the A bar at its furthest point from the fulcrum and also benefits from its a bar always staying closer to the coil core unlike conventional machines that have a larger gap. The A-bar runs very close to the rear spring shelf so that it can become magnetized from the other end of the core completing the field. It also has John's rear spring tension device, all you have to do to fine tune your rear spring tension is turn the set screw located at the top of the frame and it stays set. So no more bending springs and trying over and over to get it right. Also notice John has hid the capacitor in the frame to clean up the looks of it. It also uses a vice with a cross sliding insert from brass that is machined to match the radius of a tube and it locks very good without damaging the tube. Weight - 5.00oz.

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