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FK Irons - Spektra Xion Pen

FK Irons - Spektra Xion Pen
Price: $650.00

Item Number: FKI-SXP

FK Irons - Spektra Xion Pen

  • Ergonomic, Lightweight Pen-Style Machine
  • Compact Design that tapers from 32mm to 1" diameter
  • Ratchet system locks needle depth settings
  • 3.7mm and 3.2mm adjustable stroke length
  • "One-Turn" dial for convenient adjustment of give and needle tension
  • Specially designed 10w MotorBolt system for maximum torque
  • Operable up to 9.5 volts; not recommended to operate at higher voltage
  • Seamless, autoclavable grip w/ stabilizer O-ring
  • Compatible with all needle types

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