Skinlock Transparent Tattoo Sealant

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Skinlock Transparent Tattoo Sealant
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Skinlock Is A New, Innovative Solution For Immediate Care Of A Fresh Tattoo. It Was Developed Through The Collaboration Of A Medical Physician And A Tattoo Artist To Create A Truly Revolutionary Product That Achieves Harmony Between Creativity And Medicine.

A Unique Hydrogel Formulation Meets Medical Standards As It Helps To Reduce Drainage From The Tattoo And Promotes Healing. With Application Of Skinlock Sealant Spray, The Hydrogel Solidifies To Form A Thin, Flexible, Transparent, Protective Coating That Eliminates The Need For Secondary Dressings. This Helps To Keep Dirt And Bacteria Out And Keep The Area Clean To Prevent Infection.

Skinlock Maintains A Moist Environment, While Still Allowing The Skin And Tattoo To Breathe To Enable Healing. A Wound That Is Not Allowed To Breathe Is At Risk To Become A Breeding Ground For Infection. And Freshly Tattooed Skin That Becomes Too Dry Can Result In The Development Of A Crust Which Could Damage The Skin, The Tattoo, And Cause Ink Loss.

Since Skinlock Forms A Flexible Coating On The Skin, It Is Ideal For Areas, Such As Elbows Or Hands, Which Are Difficult To Dress With Traditional Bandages.

A Medically Safe And Sound Treatment, Skinlock Is Also Petroleum-Free, Vegan-Friendly And Manufactured With Only Usp Grade Ingredients That Meet The Highest Standards Of Quality.

Box Includes:
1. 24Pcs Of 5G Hydrogel Foil Packs
2. One 1 Oz. Spray Bottle Of Sealant

*Attention*: Sealant Contains Alcohol And Will Cause A Possible Slight Stinging Sensation, For A Short Period Of Time.

Size: Spray
ORMD/Hazardous Material: YES
Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped via AIR shipping method