Randy Randerson Custom One-Off Shader 7

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You ever find yourself wishing you could throw a 9 mag down a dude's arm like a bowling lane? You ever wish your whips looked as spicy as a taco stand's salsa? Well consider your wishes granted because this bad bitch hauls 2 tons of whip shades uphill in a snow storm. It will be like skipping a mag across any persons ribs like a lake. Hope you enjoy your tattoos looking like salt bae blessing their skin with that quality pepper shade. Hand made in Oklahoma by Slimbo Roundback for you to use for the rest of your days. Guaranteed for life by its creator. - Randy R.
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  • Hand-built by Slimbo Roundback
  • Guaranteed for life

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.
Brand: Randy Randerson