Randy Randerson Custom One-Off Liner 6

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"You ever been half through a line and the ink stops coming out? This machine doesn't know a goddamn thing about it because this long strong all around tat slayer hasn't ever run out of ink its entire life. One dip fits 7 gallons of black, so you never have to dip again. Its been fully trained to do any bammer shit that comes through the doors of any shop in America. Hope you can handle having three girlfriends because its second purpose other than laying endless crispy lines is making you 10x more attractive. Hand forged in a volcano in Oklahoma for you to use until the day you die. Guaranteed for life by Silmbo Roundback himself." - Randy R.
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  • Hand-built by Slimbo Roundback
  • Guaranteed for life

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.
Brand: Randy Randerson