Randy Randerson Custom One-Off Shader 5

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"Once upon a time in a land not that far away a dude made a machine in a cold ass fuckin workshop by himself. He rolled the coils in a tornado and forged the frame in fires fueled by depression and caffiene. He hand filled each coil with whip shades and fire. He sent this 8wrap people eater to Florida to be seen by you. Is it guaranteed for life? Its guaranteed until the fuckin sun dies. What volts does it run at? Yes, it runs at colts. The bottom line is this machine was made to tat and if thats what you're doing you need this bammer hammer. Made by hand in Oklahoma by Slimbo Roundback." - Randy R.
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  • Hand-built by Slimbo Roundback
  • Guaranteed for life

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.
Brand: Randy Randerson