Randy Randerson Custom One-Off Liner 3

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"This skin ripper is made for brapping 9-11 liners across any soul it comes in contact with. Don't let that sparkle fool you, that slotted A bar has been pumping iron since the day it was born. Load this bitch with whatever you want and line like a sharpie. Its light weight design will ensure you don't get weak ass wrists over time because this ultra liner will be doing the heavy lifting. Hand made and guaranteed until Thanos snaps his fingers. Slimbo approved." - Randy R.
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  • Hand-built, tuned and custom finished by Slimbo Roundback
  • Pushes large groupings
  • Springs and tune-ups are guaranteed for life*

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.
Brand: Randy Randerson