Randy Randerson Custom One-Off Liner 12

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This Ultra Liner is an exact copy of the same Ultra Liner Mad Max carried in his pocket while he fucking slayed the worlds ass by myself. This firecracker houses hand rolled coils and a steel frame handmade with hate itself. If you look closely in the movies, Mad Max never dipped for ink because this son of a bitch is capable of sucking up 6 gallons of dynamic in one dip, so you can worry about doing lines longer than Kid Rock on 4th of July. This is for large groupings and thicccc boi lines. If you wanna enter and leave the Thunderdome a winner this is the machine for you. Backed by Slimbo himself to the original owner. - Randy R.
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  • Hand-built by Slimbo Roundback
  • Guaranteed for life

*Machine must be untampered, unmodified, with original parts.
Brand: Randy Randerson