Prestige Steam Sterilizer

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Prestige 2100 Steam Sterilizer
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Features And Benefits:

  • 2 Year Parts And Labor Warranty
  • Light, Compact, Portable And Robust, Top Loading Autoclave.
  • Simple One Step Operation Starts The Automatic Cycle.
  • Light Sequence Indicators Show 'Power To Unit' - 'Cycle In Progress' - 'Sterilization In Progress' - 'Cycle Is Successful' Or 'Cycle Has Failed'.
  • Interlock System Prevents The Lid From Being Removed While Pressure Remains In The Vessel.
  • Two Stage 'Over Pressure' Protection System Incorporating A Calibrated Pressure Release Valve And A Gasket Offset Device.
  • Extended Life 'Green' Gasket Lasts In Excess Of 750 Cycles.
  • Electronic Detectors Turn Off The Power If There Is Insufficient Water.
  • Thermal Fuse To Protect Against Overheating And Electrical Faults.
  • For Assurance Of Quality, Each Autoclave Is Computer Tested And Issued With A Unique Performance Test Certificate Showing That The Parameters For Successful Sterilization Are Met.


  • Total Height: 13.2&Quot;
  • Total Width: 13.4&Quot;
  • Chamber Diameter: 8.3&Quot;
  • Chamber Height: 9.3&Quot;
  • Maximum Load Weight: 6.6 Lbs.
  • Maximum Instrument Size: 9&Quot;
Shipping and Handling Fee: $4.99