Morphix Humbolt Grip 1"

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Morphix Tattoo Grips Are Designed With Non-Slip Contoured Grips To Provide Comfort And Durability To Any Tattoo Artist.
These Grips Provide A Greater Range Of Motion For The Tattooer And Are 70% Lighter Than A Standard 1 Metal Grip!

The Humbolt Grip Is Designed As A Liner Grip, Resting In The Artists Hand At A Natural 90 Angle.

&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; 5 Year Warranty
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Non-Slip Texture
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Metal Threads Incorporated
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Built For Right And Left-Handed Artists
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Compatible With Routine Steam-Heat Sterilization
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Grips 2.25 (57Mm) Height
&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp; Patented Made In Usa
Brand: Morphix
Size: 1