FK Irons Spektra Xion Pen Cosmic Storm

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The highly sought-after FK Irons Specktra Xion Pen provides tattooers with full control of drawing parameters that unleashes artist creativity. Created for artists by artists, the Xion rotary pen is easy to use, easy to clean and is compatable with a wide selection of cartridges.
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  • Ergonomic, lightweight pen-style machine
  • Compact design that tapers from 32mm to 1" Diameter
  • Ratchet system locks needle depth settings
  • 3.7mm and 3.2mm adjustable stroke length
  • "One-Turn" dial for convenient adjustment of give and needle tension
  • Specially designed 10w motorbolt system for maximum torque
  • Operable up to 9.5 volts; not recommended to operate at higher voltage
  • Seamless, autoclavable grip w/ stabilizer O-ring
  • Compatible with all needle types

Brand: FK Irons