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Machine Rebuild Kit_1

Machine Rebuild Kit

Machine Rebuild Kit
Price: $45.00

Item Number: MCH-REB

Machine Rebuild Kit_1

Machine Rebuild Kit - 10 wrap coil set, (2) spring sets, 6-32 brass front binding post, brass rear binding post, (10) shoulder washers, armature bar, (16) o-rings, 6-32 copper contact screw, (5) capacitors, (10) solder lugs, 12" wire insulator, shim kit, (10) #8 washers, (10) #10 washers, yolk, (2) allen wrenches, (10) 8-32 X 1/4" S.H.C.S., (10) 8-32 X 1/2" S.H.C.S., (10) 8-32 X 1/2" F.S.H.C.S., (10) B.S.H.C.S., 8-32 X 1/2" P.H.S., emery cloth

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