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Abbott Color Wheel 2.0

Abbott Color Wheel 2.0
Price: $89.99

Item Number: ACW-2

Abbott Color Wheel 2.0

This updated edition of the color wheel expands on the Eternal Ink library with the following sets: Motor City Set, Halos Fifth Dimension, Myke Chambers Set, Rember Series, and the Andrea Afferni Portrait Series. The Abbott Color Wheel features scientifically sampled swatches of the complete line of color tattoo pigments from Eternal Ink. By viewing the tattoo ink swatches through the attached "gamut masks", the artist and client can select a color scheme that is appropriate for the project. Included in the kit is a 12" diameter removable wall decal of the Abbott Color Wheel. This decal will adhere to most smooth surfaces including glass, stainless steel, wood, or sheetrock. We suggest mounting it near your work space to aid in color selection. The Abbott Color Wheel and the removable wall decal are packaged in a gatefold dual vinyl record style package. The inside flaps of the package feature a color theory primer to help you get familiar with the ACW. When not in use, the Abbott Color Wheel can be stored inside the package for protection- just like a vinyl record!

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